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10 of the Best Cheap Summer Date Ideas

Imagine it’s summer, and people all around you are going out and having lots of fun. But, you don’t have lots of money to spend on a luxurious experience. Does that mean you can’t go on dates?

A little research will reveal many cheap date concepts you can explore. You can end up having lots of fun and not blowing your budget.

You can get a 600 dollar loans to finance your perfect date and impress your crush, or you can try to find a creative way to do it cheap! Below are 10 cheap summer date ideas to check out.

10 Cheap Date Ideas to Try Out

1. Tour a Botanical Garden

Nothing brings a couple together like time spent out in nature. Summer is the time that plants and flowers come alive all around.

So, a cheap date experience can be touring one or two botanical gardens in your locale. You walk side by side, taking in the sites and discussing the flora in the area.

The summertime blooms can be a source of great conversations and romantic gestures. For instance, you can pluck a flower and place it on your date’s hair! Such places charge a small entrance fee.

2. Coffee and Live Entertainment

Most coffee spots have live entertainment in the evening for the customers. These establishments have live art shows, poetry, and music.

Plan this as you seek cheap date night ideas to do in summer. In most places, attending the event is free as long as you buy coffee and snacks. Some even have comedy nights where you laugh and have a great time together.

3. Outdoor Workout

Do you both enjoy physical activity or want to start working out? You can turn a date into an outdoor workout experience that won’t cost much.

For this cheap date concept, take a walk or run together. Or find a good hiking spot during the weekend to explore. Some hiking trails charge a small fee, but most are free for all.

Just make sure you pack some snacks, water, and other items you need. Alternatively, you can share an affordable meal at canteens you find along the different trails.

4. Tour the City

Do you both live in a big city? There are some spots you’ve never explored before. You can turn your evening together into a tour of different places.

Get a map and mark all places you want to see. All you need is a vehicle and a few bucks to share a meal. You can explore these locations within the city and discover cheap date spots to try out later.

Cities have lots of hidden spots that many people don’t know about. Often, such places are more affordable than the popular ones that everyone goes to during summer.

5. Attend an Affordable Class

Most community centers organize different classes at an affordable price. You can learn basket weaving, painting, drawing, cooking, and baking for a small fee.

Find a class that offers you a meal and drink when you attend. You can learn a skill during this cheap date and not have to pay for a meal elsewhere later.

These classes can be the start of a hobby that you share. Such shared interests help you build a stronger relationship.

6. Spend Time at the Beach

The sun is out during summer, and all the beaches are ready for you and your partner. Among cheap first-date ideas, you can explore spending time at the beach.

Take a picnic basket, a ball, and umbrellas. You can spend an entire afternoon together talking, resting, and getting to know each other. Most beaches are free, and you can find some with few people around.

The beach even gives you a chance to swim and go coin hunting.

7. Find a Cheap Restaurant

Thanks to the internet, you can find affordable places to take your date for dinner. Search cheap romantic restaurants in NYC. The results will overwhelm you.

The trick is getting out of your comfort zone and avoiding popular spots. Many hidden gems that most people don’t know about that you can go on a cheap date.

The restaurants aren’t the only places to eat great food. Check out food trucks and dinners too. You might end up discovering a new spot together that you both love.

8. Go Bowling Together

Do you know how to bowl? If you do, you can teach your partner. If not, you can go on a cheap date at a bowling alley and learn.

Bowling alleys are a great place to have fun and have affordable meals available. It’s among good date night ideas for married couples who want to enjoy time together.

The good news is here you can make new friends and even join bowling competitions and teams.

9. Attend Trivia Night

Pubs tend to have theme nights. For instance, you can attend trivia night as a cheap date. All you need to do is buy a few drinks.

Some trivia nights even have money awards, so you might not need to pay for the drinks from your pocket. Still, answering the questions and the spirit of competition will make the whole experience fun.

10. Picnic at the Park

How about organizing a picnic at the park? These are free date ideas you can explore. For the picnic, you need a picnic blanket and a basket with a few delights.

Prepare the picnic in advance and make sure you pack all the food and drinks. You don’t have to buy fancy cheeses and wine. A few affordable treats will make the experience worth it since the pack is free for all.

In Summary

Think of these and many other cheap date ideas at home. You can end up with plans for the whole summer.

Let us know if you have any questions about this topic by leaving comments below.


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