4 Ways To Boost A Lagging Sex Life

Nothing in life, not even mind-blowing, life-changing sex, lasts forever. Of course, with that said, we’re not suggesting that it’s difficult to rekindle the flame once the initial spark has been blown out. However, with busy work schedules, children, and overall life upheaval, it can be tough to ensure things are as romantic as they were when you first started dating and when you first started sleeping together. As the energy in your relationship fades, so does the sex. Therefore it’s important to find ways to spice up your pleasure as a pair. Continue reading to learn more.


Share Your Fantasies 

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The issue is that sex can become extremely ‘samey’ over time. Always the same position, always the same person starting things off, always the same procedure. For some, this is reassuring and just what they want. For others, it saps the spark and turns even this pleasurable activity into a chore.

Why not share your fantasies and dreams with one another to spice things up? You might discuss a role play you’ve always wanted to attempt, or you might suggest that adding one or more Escorts London to the experience sounded sexy, or you could tell them what you’d want to have whispered in your ear at the perfect time, or anything else – there are millions of possible possibilities. You may not be able – or want – to act on these dreams in reality, but talking about them can be extremely sexual and serve as the spark for a wonderful night.


Use Toys

There are numerous myths surrounding sex toys, but the reality is that they can be used to improve your sex life in a variety of ways, whether you’re in a relationship, like casual encounters, or prefer to be alone.

Although it may take some getting used to, introducing sex toys into a relationship can make sex a lot more interesting and something to look forward to rather than something that could quickly – and possibly already has – become a dull routine or even forgotten completely.


Vary Things 

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To make things exciting and interesting (and to prevent boredom), it’s beneficial to vary the kind of sex you have. Some evenings – or days – could be soft and gentle. At times, it could be frantic and intense. You might just touch each other at times and not have any intercourse at all. Other days, toys may be involved. You can choose from a number of positions. Make it unique each time, and the flame will rekindle.


Schedule Sex Time

Sex does not have to be spontaneous all the time. In fact, if you’re looking for spontaneity after a hard day at work or with the kids, it may not happen at all. People are weary, and no matter how much you love the act or the person you’re with, the prospect of getting started is just too much to bear.

One of the most common issues that many couples have is a desire for their sex to be as spontaneous and intense as it was when they first met. However, with hectic schedules, daycare drop-offs, and tiredness, expecting it to happen organically may be too much to ask. This is why it’s critical to stick to a schedule. You may not always follow it religiously, and you will deviate from it on occasion, but if you’ve set aside some time to be together and can do it without feeling hurried, this may be the best approach to restoring intimacy to your relationship.


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