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5 Unique Gifts for the Guy in Your Life

Whether you are looking for an incredible birthday gift for your guy or you want to treat him to an extra-special Christmas present, make sure you match the gift with their personality. An excellent gift needs to be unique to their tastes, one that they would not usually buy for themselves, and it should also be fun. Here are a few unique gift ideas for the main man in your life.

Band Merchandise for Avid Music Fans

If your partner is an avid fan of a specific band, indulge their fandom with some band merchandise. Awesome merch can include in-depth autobiographies, t-shirts with a distinctive print, and cool home décor that can be used to jazz up their living space. Even better, try to get your hands on gear that has been personally signed by the band. Hardcore fans will appreciate cool band merch to use and show off when they are unable to actually listen to their favorite band in person.

Strap On Toy to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Kinky sex toys, such as strap ons and pegging toys, are a great gift idea for open-minded individuals who seek pleasure in various forms. Strap ons may not be to everyone’s taste, but they come in a variety of colors and sizes and can provide gratification to both the giver and receiver in many different ways. Exploring each other with adult toys can bring immense pleasure to your sex life and strengthen your bond as a couple. If you are feeling too shy to visit an adult shop in person, you can purchase strap on toys online, instead.

Book Subscription Box for Bookworms

If the guy in your life is a self-proclaimed bookworm, spoil them with a book subscription box. Signing them up to a monthly subscription can help you indulge their hobby. With a subscription, your other half will regularly receive different books to expand their existing collection. Besides physical book subscriptions, there are plenty of digital subscriptions for guys who do everything online. Online subscriptions include Kindle Unlimited, Bookmate, and Tailored Book Recommendations. These online books can be read from a tablet, a smartphone, or an e-reader.

Suspension Trainer Kit for Fitness Enthusiasts

Fitness fanatics who live for the gym will appreciate the gift of home gym equipment, and a suspension trainer kit has it all. Suspension training systems are designed to enhance overall fitness, and can be used to elevate various types of exercises. It works by suspending the body using just the straps provided with your own body weight as resistance. These trainers can help fitness buffs get a full body workout and improve their overall fitness. Not to mention, they are also compact, which means they are the ideal gift for people living in small spaces.

Gift an Experience

Giving someone the gift of experience can be incredibly rewarding, especially if that special someone seems to have it all. Gift experiences can be tailored to personality and personal taste. For example, adrenaline-junkie boyfriends may enjoy a skydive experience, while car lovers will enjoy racing around a track behind the wheel of their favorite sports car.


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