8 Tips to Achieve a Simultaneous Orgasm

Orgasms are incredible, whether you’re stimulating yourself or having sex with your partner. Not only will an orgasm make you feel amazing, but it’s also a great way to boost the immune system, help you get a restful sleep, and alleviate stress.

Sharing an orgasm with your sexual partner is also a great way to strengthen your connection. You can do this through simultaneous orgasm. This means that you and your partner orgasm at the same time.

While simultaneous orgasms will give you and your partner an intimate experience, most people don’t know how to achieve it. Unfortunately, attaining simultaneous orgasms is not an easy quest.

However, if you and your partner would like to achieve this, you could use the below tips:

1. Communicate With Your Partner

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Your partner isn’t a mind reader. They don’t know what you are thinking and what you want at all times. Thus, it’s essential to communicate your needs before, during as well as after the session.

Have an open channel where you communicate with your partner about the specific things they could do to help you orgasm. Talk about your current sex life and find out what you could do differently.

What gets you excited? What should your partner do during foreplay to adequately prepare you for the session? Opening up about your sexual preferences will help your partner know how to pleasure you and vice versa.

You can also communicate with each other during the session. Let your partner know whether you’re close to orgasm or not and vice versa. Open communication will make it easier to sync your orgasms and achieve simultaneous orgasm.

This type of communication will help you know whether to reduce the stimulation or increase it. You will also know when to focus on stimulating and pleasuring your partner so that they can reach the same level of stimulation as you and orgasm together.

2. Don’t Forget Foreplay

Foreplay is an essential part of any good sexual experience. Everyone has different desires and preferences when it comes to sex and foreplay. What turns you on could be your partner’s turn-off.

Understanding your body is the first step to enjoying your sex life. Find out what turns you on and tell your partner so that they can incorporate it in your foreplay. Is it watching porn, a particular sex toy, or dirty talk?

Unfortunately, foreplay is one of the most undervalued processes during sex. Some people often jump into penetration without considering prior stimulation. This could be quite uncomfortable for your partner.

3. Masturbation

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Masturbation, when done in moderation, could help you have a healthy sex life. It’s one of the best ways to help you understand what you need, how you need it, and what you should do to reach orgasm. This will help you better communicate with your partner about what you need to orgasm.

If you don’t know how to get started, use the below tips to help you get in the mood:

  • Change the mood of the room
  • Turn off the lights and get some candles
  • Create and put your sex playlist on
  • Switch off your phone and any other distractions
  • Take some time and explore your body
  • Start by taking deep breaths to help you relax
  • Try using props and sex toys

Masturbation helps you explore your sexuality, understand your body better and get rid of blue balls. Blue balls can be quite uncomfortable and painful to touch.

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Masturbation enables you to connect with the sensual, romantic, sexual, and erotic parts of yourself. Ensure you explore different positions, movements, and rhythms until you find what best works for you.

You can also talk to your sexual partner about masturbation. Encourage them to try it while you’re away and find out what best works for them. Knowing what brings your partner to orgasm will help you strengthen your relationship.

4. Include Sex Toys in Your Sessions

Buy a few sex toys and use them to stimulate your partner during your adult playtime. Sex toys will help you embrace your partner’s sexy, playful side. If you or your partner love clitoral stimulation, invest in a great vibrator.

According to research, over 37% of women need clitoral pleasure to orgasm. If you’re part of this group, you should consider using your hand or a vibrator while your partner is penetrating you so that you can both orgasm at the same time. Ensure you have your vibrator with you before getting started.

Contrary to popular belief, men also use sex toys. There are numerous sex toy options in the market for everyone. For example, cock rings were invented for men to help delay orgasm until their partner is almost reaching climax.

The cock ring will constrict blood from flowing into your genitals, thus, helping you last longer. This is a great toy for you if your partner needs more time to reach climax than you.

5. Try Masturbating Together

Mutual masturbation is the process of two sexually active partners pleasuring themselves within view of each other. You can do this over the phone, on a video chat, or while sitting in one room together. Mutual masturbation will help you share an intimate part of yourself with your partner.

Allowing them to watch you and listen in as you pleasure yourself will solidify your connection more. That’s because you will be doing something most individuals only do in private in the safety of their closed doors.

Mutual masturbation can be scary due to the level of vulnerability involved. However, if you put aside your fear, it can be a very enlightening and powerful experience. On the other hand, letting your partner watch your solo play will increase your connection’s naughty and mischievous factor.

6. Try Other Forms of Pleasure Before Penetration Sex

Most women don’t reach climax through penetration intercourse. Thus, it’s advisable to try out other forms of sexual pleasure before resulting in penetration. Some of these sexual acts include:


Cunnilingus is the process of stimulating female genitals by using lips or the tongue. When performing cunnilingus, it’s essential to relax and make your partner comfortable. Most people have stated that they don’t enjoy oral sex because they don’t feel comfortable with their partners going down on them.

When going down on your partner, try reassuring them and making yourself comfortable. Ask them how they like it and let them teach you what to do; they know best.

Manual Stimulation

We have all heard that hand jobs are only for teenagers. However, including manual stimulation such as hand jobs and blow jobs in your playtime is among the best ways to have better sex. Try holding your partner’s penis and start with a loose grip.

As you continue, you could increase your grip on their penis depending on their preference. Remember to ask them how tight your grip should be. Ask them to put their hand on yours as you give them a hand job for guidance. This way, you will have an idea of what they like.


Groping can be very sensual and sexually stimulating. Touch is one of the most important aspects of sex. While sensual touch and groping don’t automatically lead to anal, oral or sexual intercourse, it can help you increase your intimacy.

Groping is also a great way to relax and show your partner affection. Including sensual touch as part of your foreplay is one of the best ways to prepare for adult playtime.

7. Don’t Overthink Things

If you want to orgasm at the same time, get out of your head and stop overthinking. Focusing too much on the issue will add extra stress and pressure to what is meant to be a pleasurable and fun experience.

According to sex therapists, if you focus your mind too much on how to achieve an orgasm, you may find it difficult to orgasm. Other inhibitors include feeling hopeless, anxiety and wondering whether you’re doing the right thing.

If you find yourself overthinking, try taking a deep breath. This will help you release some of the pressure and enjoy the experience. The most important thing is experiencing pleasure and enjoying yourselves whether you attain simultaneous orgasm or not.

8. Slow Down and Wait for Your Partner

If one of you is always the first to orgasm, try slowing down your pace to reduce the stimulation. Communicate with your partner and try changing the position. You can also take a breather to reduce your level of stimulation.

If you feel too overstimulated, switch it up and start focusing on your partner to bring them to the same stimulation level as you. Once they are almost reaching orgasm, join in and finish together.

Are You Ready to Reach Simultaneous Orgasm With Your Partner?

Being connected to your partner is one of the most magical things you could ever experience. And one of the best ways to solidify your connection is simultaneous orgasm. While it can be quite challenging to reach simultaneous orgasm, it’s entirely possible if you follow the above eight tips.

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