5 Activities That Help Boost Sex Drive
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5 Activities That Help Boost Sex Drive

Sex is a sacred gift for couples to share with each other.

For some, it’s part of their intimate bonding. For other couples, sex is one of the million ways to show their love and affection with each other – the intimacy of their relationship.

How about you? How’s your sex life? How active are you in terms of sex? Do you think your partner is satisfied with your sexual performance? Or you want to see a little improvement and add more spice to your sexual abilities?

Whatever kind of assistance you might need right now, this article hears your loudest cries.

Thus, it chose to jot down the following activities which may help you level up your sex drive for a more pleasing and jaw-dropping performance in bed.


Benefits of intimacy between couples

If you think that sex is purely for offering yourself a generous taste of pleasure, you’re wrong. Surprisingly, sexy time is important for it sustains the following benefits to you and your health.

1. Keeps your immune system at its best state

It is said that people who are sexually active have more levels of what protects the body from germs, viruses, and other health intruders.


2. Enhances your libido

Wanting for a better sex drive requires more time for sex.  A generous amount of pleasure in your sex life aids in enhancing libido.


3. Helps in lowering blood pressure

One of the shocking benefits of an active sex life is that it lowers systolic blood pressure.


4. A sexy form of workout

Astonishingly, sex is a sexy form of exercise. It may not be able to replace yoga mat, treadmill, dumbbells, and so on but it contributes something sexy and fun.


5. Drops the risks of heart attack

The better you perform in bed, the better it is for your heart. Sex doesn’t only raise your heart rate, but it also keeps the level of your estrogen and/or testosterone in balance.


6. Enhances sleep

The hormone prolactin is released after orgasm. Prolactin is in charge of the feelings of relaxation and sleepiness.

You may think that you’re feeling sleepy after you reach the climax in bed maybe because of tiredness – but it’s really the prolactin that’s working on your body.


7. It’s an effective stress-booster

Sex keeps couples closer together. A good level of sex and intimacy enhances self-esteem and contentment. The happier you are, the lesser you’ll feel stressed in life.


Now that the benefits of intimate time with your partner have already been discussed, it’s now time for you to boost your sex drive with the following activities.

1. Yoga exercises


Yoga exercises can also be done as a couple. This is especially if you both want to enhance your sex drive.

When you choose to do it together it emboldens sexual relations since it regulates to strengthen confidence, fun, and relaxation altogether.

Aside from that, yoga exercises shoo away stress that may hinder you to desire more some more intimate time. It’s effective to soothe your mind and body which can channel your sex drive at its best.


2. Running

Running is helpful in enhancing sexual desires especially for men. Why?

An estimated 30 minutes of running lower the possibility of erectile dysfunction of men. It’s also one of the best activities to do in order to eradicate stress in life that may highly affect your sex drive. Read about yk11 for a performance booster.

Stress is a primary killer of libido and in that case, you will no longer have the desire of having sex.

Thus, if you can see yourself stressed and lacking from desires of sex, make time for running instead.

Imagine, by merely running for at least 30 minutes, you can regain your desire for sexy time! Isn’t that great?


3. Dancing and aerobic classes


If you want to effectively boost your sexual desire, you must now commit to learning dancing or engaging yourself into it. Enrolling in aerobic classes can be a good option too.

Dancing as well as aerobic classes help in developing blood circulation which plays a significant role in sexual response.

Moreover, when you engage yourself in dancing, it gives you an exceptional level of self-confidence which will make it easier for you to look sexier in front of your bed partner.

Hold up because dancing isn’t over yet in impressing you. Aside from the aforementioned benefits of dancing to boosting your sex drive, it’s also a crazy and sexy way to be physically active and it can be used to turn you and your partner on easily in bed.


4. Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is also dancing but in a different and sexier level. This type of dancing enhances your feeling of being confident and sexy at the same time.

Also, this is effective for you to lose weight which will make your body look more pleasing and arousing in the eyes of your partner.

You might hesitate to try pole dancing maybe because it appears to be a difficult activity to do. No worries, because pole dancing classes exist.

If you’re absolutely determined to be better and sexier in bed than ever, then include pole dancing in your future activities in line.


5. Swimming


Who says that swimming isn’t helpful in boosting your sex drive? You better change your mind. Swimming is an absolute contributor to better stamina, breathing, concentration, coordination, and more.

A stronger and improved stamina can make you last longer in bed as well as the good breathing condition.

If you have an unparalleled level of coordination, you’ll more likely have more pleasing and sexier performance in bed which can easily arouse your partner.

Thus, what are you waiting for? Engage in swimming and make it funnier with your sexy custom swimwear, swimming caps, swim goggles, and more.

Who would have thought that a simple activity such as swimming will be a great help in boosting sex drive?


Final say

Now that you’ve opened another book of knowledge about levelling up your sex drive, you can now apply it and desire for more intimate time with your partner.

You can do it all alone or engage your partner to do any of these activities with you.

And for sure, both of you will be beyond satisfied every time you’ll have sex together.

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