Are You A Sexpert Yet? Take this quiz to find out.

Are You A Sexpert Yet?

Take this quiz to find out if you’re doing the right things in bed.

How much foreplay do you normally indulge in?

A. 5 minutes or under

B. 10-20 minutes

C. 30 minutes or more


What is the most adventurous place you’ve had sex in?

A. Bedroom

B. Shower

C. Public places like aeroplanes, toilets, swimming pools, and so on.


Do you check your phone or tablet during sex?

A. Every 10 minutes or so

B. Occasionally, to make sure I haven’t missed anything

C. I turn it off until I’m done


Have you ever practised unsafe sex?

A. Yes, in the heat of the moment

B. Once or twice, but only with someone trustworthy

C. I would never do that


Have you ever complained about your body parts to your SO, during sex?

A. I’m constantly bringing it up

B. Only if he’s looking at them and I’m really conscious

C. No, I’m completely confident about my body


Mostly As

You need to top up the ante a bit in the bedroom! Don’t get into a rut and perform mechanically. Focus on what satisfies your partner, but also keep your pleasure, health, and safety in mind for a truly fulfilling sexual experience.


Mostly Bs

You’re basically in a good space. For the most part, you’ve got your act together in bed, by knowing which buttons to press, and figuring out what makes for great chemistry, between the two of you. If you can, avoid the occasional slip-up, but don’t stress over it.


Mostly Cs

You’re a pro! You probably didn’t even need this quiz to know that you’re doing everything right and making yourself as well as your partner happy. Keep it up, but ensure you don’t let the performance anxiety get to you.