How to Be Safe When You Are Dating Abroad
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How to Be Safe When You are Dating Abroad

Dating the person of your dreams gives you the kind of joy that could melt your heart.

Know the feeling? Well, we all have different tastes and liking.

However, research shows that most peoples’ dreams tend to prefer dating someone with an accent. Yeah, you heard me. 

To be fair, if you are an American, you might or even still are dreaming of dating an English man from Britain or vice versa.

Trust me, a different accent to yours is quick to fall for.

If you are a student and would love to save more time for the inspiration and enjoyment ask experts from to provide you with help during the unforgettable journey.

Anyways, here are top tips to safely date abroad.


How to meet new people

Living in a digital era, the power to meet new people has been placed on our fingertips.

You can easily meet anyone from anywhere in the world using your smartphone and the internet.

Tinder is one of the best dating apps that facilitate meeting other people during your next destination.

Based on your liking, you can decide to meet either local or fellow travellers.

Depending on your purpose of visit and time, start a conversation with them, and actively get to know each other.


Booking tours for singles

It is the worst experience to find yourself trapped in a tour full of couples.

Awkward, right?

Therefore, before getting on any tour you should take initiative to research what kind of people mostly book such tours.

This way you will maximize your chances of booking tours for singles and avoid being caught in an awkward position.

Furthermore, you can also Google tour companies such as Intrepid Travel that have travelling packages for solo travellers.


A little lie will not hurt

Relationships are often built on honesty but this is not cast on a rock anywhere.

In this case, bend the honesty rule for your safety especially if you are a woman.

It is okay to lie to the person you meet that you are travelling with family or friends.

Playing this card beforehand enhances your safety by preventing any sketchy ideas your date might have.

If it turns out to be moving on well, you can later fess up and they will most likely understand your reasons for doing so.


Public places are safer

How to Be Safe When You Are Dating Abroad

Your safety is key at all times or else dating would lose meaning.

For your first date, it is always a good idea to meet the other person in a neutral public place.

This can be a restaurant or bar where you can take refuge in the safety of other people.

This is much safer than meeting them in a private place where your safety can easily be compromised.

To be safe, always be watchful of your drinks and you should never leave it unattended.

In case you do, just order another one when you get back.


Safety in numbers

Meeting other people in a hostel setting is a completely different scenario.

You cannot lie about where you live or that you are travelling with family/friends. 

In this case, always strive to hang out in groups of other hostel members at all times.

You can start by organizing group dates or participating in hostel social events.

This way, you will have many other people as witnesses if something bad happens.


Inform family and friends

This might sound uncomfortable to many but it is necessary to inform your family, friends, hostel management, and hostel roommate that you will be going out for a date with so and so.

You can leave them your date’s personal and contact information if you don’t come back that evening.

Dating abroad is great and fun, who knows, you might meet the love of your life there.

Just remember the above tips to stay safe.

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