Part Five: Catch Phrases
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Part Five: Catch Phrases

In this article, we bring you something extraordinary – the meaning of popular catch phrases – which will help you understand what your partner says vs what they really mean.


1. Can’t we just be friends? (What they say)
– There’s no chemistry. (What they really mean)


2. You’re just like my ex.
– You’re history. I hate you.


3. You deserve someone better than me.
– I’m already seeing someone else or I’ve decided to go back to my ex.


4. I thought I’d just stay in tonight.
– I have a date.


5. Do what you think is best.
– Do what I want…now!


6. We are more than friends.
– I am looking forward to a serious relationship with you.


7. I like you (a more urgent form of “we are more than friends”)
– I am head over heels in love with you.


By now you have understood all the material and can proudly call yourself a dating expert. You’ve diligently done the homework. All the best!

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