Whimsical Ideas for Dating During the Pandemic
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Whimsical Ideas for Dating During the Pandemic

In the world of pandemic go-to-ways of meeting new guys have more shifted from friends-of-friends to online dating. Previously you had many opportunities to begin relationships in any unique way: parties, bars, gay coffee shops, a circle of friends, meetup events, even work colleagues. Now, when you have to stay at home or limit your mobility, it is a time to think about the whimsical ideas for dating during the pandemic.

You cannot create an environment for a natural everyday meeting, then you have to be creative.

So, what is the best way to meet a gay man? We will share some tips for arranging your personal life in this world chaos of the coronavirus nightmare.


Go from quantity to quality

You do not have to arrange the first date during the pandemic unless you are sure it is safe enough.

Therefore, this restriction has many obvious pluses if you plan to date a man who is looking for serious relations, not only one-day hookups.

The main plus is that you have time.

You can flirt with each other, get to know more about tastes and political preferences, allergies, and inappropriate patterns of behavior.

You can find someone special, date a man who loves you more than others, not the first handsome face to appear on your mobile application.

Be selective and care about yourself.

The worst thing about usual online dating is that we believe there are many other fish in the sea.

To say the truth, it is an illusion.

We never know when it is time to stop looking and concentrate on a nice gay guy who has feelings for you.

We want to try more, and we want to find better when it is sometimes enough to date a good man and settle down.

Virtual dating during the pandemic may encourage you to have a mindful approach to communication with new gay guys. 


Dating during pandemic saves time

Whimsical Ideas for Dating During the Pandemic

What was your typical scenario when you were searching on the best dating sites for your real half or just an accidental one-night hookup?

You took only a few virtual steps: a few smiles, one compliment, find a nice place to have a drink, make a proposal to meet.

Nothing extraordinary!

How many of these dates were successful?

How often did you try to escape just after the first few words?

How much time have you spent on this?

Online dating during coronavirus pandemic is a tip to save time.

The main dating advice during a pandemic is to spend a few minutes on any type of video call between you both.

This easy life hack may help to understand if you have an “organic” connection with a guy you are going to meet.

Body language is a great part of personal attraction.

You may have a suitable idea of chemistry through a video chat.

You can try it once before meeting face-to-face, to see how it works for you and your purposes.

If it is good for you, you can use this tip when life turns into normal again and breathe new wind into that. 

Observe your partner in a stressful situation

We all cope with pandemic restrictions differently. Some people are very stressed about the necessity of social distances and limited communication.

When you plan to date a man like a potential partner, you can observe him behaving differently from his typical manner.

When we start new relations, we always show our best part of the character.

We hide our drawbacks, enlighten our best parts, and try to be positive and attractive.

We start to open up only with some period of time.

It is a typical person’s behavior.

When a person is in stress, you can see the sides he would like to hide until you are getting closer.

On the one hand, you will miss some steps of getting to know each other.

On the other hand, you are fortunate enough to save time again.

Do not forget that you are also under stress while dating online during the pandemic.

How do you handle the crisis?


Time to understand what you want from life exactly

Whimsical Ideas for Dating During the Pandemic

Online dating during pandemic relieved one problem in the dating industry.

When you have enough time, you can think about what you want from life exactly.

You do not have to be in a rush of everyday hookups.

You can stop, drink your double flat white with two sugars, and decide whether you want to date a successful man.

It is just an example of somebody’s dream.

Identify what you want from your future beloved man.

You may date a kind man, and that is all we need to tell the truth.

It is up to you to decide what “kind” means for you.

To date a man with a planned future is easier than with an unsettled one.

No matter what side you are now in.

The man you want to date also wants to be happy, remember that.

When you know your gay partner’s plans, you can decide to strengthen your feelings or to step away.

If you plan to date a divorced man, you have to be aware that marriage sometimes may include having children.

If you are ready to deep into a serious relationship then it is your time.

But when you have only short-term feelings, it may be better not dating during pandemic. It works both ways. 


Do not expect much from your gay partner

During the pandemic, we all feel isolated and lonely.

It is a sad reality.

Sometimes we imagine that finding a new gay partner will fill an empty soul.

You can build an emotional bond with a person you have never met as you pass the same emotional experience.

It can be compared with the life of prisoners.

They share the same stressful situation and become connected with each other.

They feel like being real friends and very close.

If they meet when they are both free, they will not find anything to share.

You are seeking connections.

It is all right unless you know how to date a man for his personal issues, not because you feel extremely lonely. Try to understand what you really need.

Some best dating sites during pandemic offer not to put all efforts on dating.

Try to find some other options to devote yourself to.

If you like sports, you can join some online yoga class, lifting weights, zoom group, or even a marathon run.

Different mobile applications offer a real presence at the group meeting, and you will not feel alone in the process. B

eing socially connected can be achieved in many different ways.

Still, if you do decide to go on a real offline date, follow our next advice.


Do your homework properly

Nowadays it is so easy to do some online research on personal information.

Social networks are full of different data that may help to see what kind of things your potential partner likes.

You can find out what cafes he usually goes to, and offer him such a place.

Some people may call it stalking. We would call it being attentive.

Show him that you know how to date a man online, that you can be caring and original.

When we like a person, we usually try to please him.

If you both are fond of dancing, you could visit some social dancing club, but only after the pandemic is over.

Keep distance now, go to the virtual museum, or a live streaming concert, and stay safe.

Do not forget about getting ready for a virtual date.

Do your hair, choose your best clothes.

You have to do anything to create normalcy. It is also a real date, and you both can get much fun together.

And the next time, ask him what he likes before stalking online. 


Start new adventure, try something different

Whimsical Ideas for Dating During the Pandemic

Have you ever thought about dating a man from another country?

Or even another continent?

Someone who speaks a different language from you? 

If you want to date a foreign man, it is the right time to start your search.

You cannot travel abroad now, so you both do not have to be in a hurry and concentrate on the real feeling you have towards each other.

This temporary upheaval will end one day.

You can plan an adventure with your special man after everything is over.

Now it is a wonderful time to learn about his tastes, choose a beach to go together, and dream of a country to visit.

Focus on learning more about his personality, play some puzzle or quest games.

Include romantic texting to each other and go to bed in a fantastic mood.

Make a “future list” of the things you both do when the pandemic is over.

Think about the interests of both sides, be caring and attentive.

You can still be romantic, even if you cannot take your beloved to a real date.

Send him some flowers, or a chocolate box, or you both can order the same pizza, and watch a romantic comedy together online.

Exchange long love e-mail letters.

You can even send him a self-written letter like from the previous century.

It is a signal that you promise for your connection later and that your intentions are real and serious.

You do not have to date a rich man, or being a rich man to do all this stuff.

Delivery services are properly developed all over the world right now.

We just hope your beloved is not hiding from a pandemic on a desert island or polar south.

Dating during pandemic may be really romantic.


Avoid crowds, keep a distance

Once you know how to date a man online, you can go from virtual dating to real dating.

When social distance precautions are lessened, you can go to the park together or drink coffee at the open café terrace.

When you already know what coffee your gay man prefers, the first step is done.

Some people say if a couple shares coffee tastes, they will always find what to discuss.

Coffee is like politics but tastes better.

You see now how advantageous was the time when you were getting each other better.

Now it is a new step. Just do not forget to avoid the large gathering of people to stay safe.

Keep social distance.

If you plan to go ahead with your dating plans, you have to know that it is not clear whether coronavirus is transmitted through sex.

But it is definitely transmitted through the nose and mouth secretions.

Even if you do not kiss a person, you still can get a virus from him during the interaction.

You both can touch the same surfaces, or use the same bed. It is a question of personal trust, and it is up to you to decide.

Anything is safe, but “cybersex.” Teledildonics is at the peak of popularity right now.

To control somebody’s orgasm through the application and connected toys is a new step in the sex industry.

And it can also be a new experience for both you, guys.

Dating during the pandemic can be safe, but sometimes it is risky.

Just think about the risks and keep yourself informed.

Never do what you do not feel like doing.


Wrapping up

Whimsical Ideas for Dating During the Pandemic

Virtual dating at the age of social distances can be a new step in your romantic life.

All restrictions can be difficult for everyone.

It depends on the way you live, the life you lead, what person you are, where you work, and many other factors.

Dating during the pandemic is a new way to introduce yourself to the world of virtual dating.

No matter if you decide to meet someone in reality or not, just keep thinking about the consequences on your life and other people’s lives.

Some people in a high-risk category may be injured if you do not follow the rules.

To prevent the spread of virus pandemic we all have to be careful and avoid the “unknowns.”

Have you already tried to meet someone online when the virus covered the planet?

How was your experience?

Share with us at the comments below! And stay safely!

Miranda Davis

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

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