DOs and DON’Ts of Planning a Successful First Date
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DOs and DON’Ts of Planning a Successful First Date

Once your ideal girl agreed to go on a date with you, better give yourself a tap on the back. But remember, it’s not the time to feel at ease already, because now comes the crucial part – the planning for your first date together.

Evidently, going on a date for the first time is beyond nerve-wracking and mind-boggling. Sitting in front of someone you want to get to know can instantly bring out all the sweats and chills in you.

Thus, if you want to give a pinprick of hope for a second date, and more following dates, you must start to do some exceptional planning. Know the art of dating and the magic of flirting before it’s too late.

But don’t worry because these pieces of advice that are tailor-fitted for you will back you up.

If you’re totally determined to make everything successful, then you better stick with the pages and know the DOs and DON’Ts when attending your first ever date.



1. Decide hardest on the best location to bring your date to. The location itself creates an impact and sense of nostalgia. Thus, make sure you’ll come up with the best one.

For choosing the location for your first date, check on the best luxury accommodation available and select the most romantic, and surreal place. You can easily turn on your date once she’ll see how much you’ve prepared merely to make everything special.


2. Make reservations as early as possible if you don’t want to cram and do last-minute planning. It’s best to settle everything a week before or a few days before the day of an appointment.

You wouldn’t want to go to a restaurant with long lines and an hour-long of waiting, right? Or else, your date will feel upset if she’ll see you’re not well-prepared.  


3. They say that chivalry is dead in this generation. You better prove them wrong and raise the flag of gentlemen – start showing your date that you’re a fine gentleman.

Do simple things like being punctual, opening doors for her, opening a seat for her, and make sure you’re the one closest to the street when walking together, and so on.


4. Just relax and clear your mind before, on, or after your first date. This is important so you can execute your plans the right and easy way. Inhale and exhale so you won’t get too overwhelmed with the feeling that you’re going on your first date.


5. Show a sincere and infectious smile. If you don’t want your first date to feel awkward, then you better show her that beautiful curve on your face and a sparkle in your eyes.

This will easily create a connection between the two of you. However, if you dress your face with a frown, your date will feel like she’s not worth your time, or may feel very disappointed.


6. Prepare and be the one to start a lively conversation. Keep this in mind, once she feels like you’re interested to know her more, that’ll be a big plus factor for you.

Moreover, bringing up something to talk can kill the boredom between the two of you and the nervousness inside you. You can ask her some fundamental questions about her life, education, interests, and more.


7. If you’re not willing to have another date, tell her and don’t pretend that you’re interested. First dates are a mere gateway to knowing a person, thus, it’s okay if you don’t like to continue dating the person.

First dates are best to see a sign if a successful love story is feasible or not. That means that it’s your way to see and feel if that person is meant for you or not.



1. Never talk about your past relationships especially about your exes. First and foremost, what belongs to the past should remain in the past.

Besides, nobody wants to hear about the exes of the person they’re currently dating. If you think that’s a good topic to bring up, well, you better think again. Don’t ever try to talk about your past affairs unless she asks you.  


2. Losing your manners in front of your date can ruin everything. A first date is the most crucial part of a successful love stories in-the-making simply because you can’t assure if there’ll be a second and following meeting.

Thus, the least you can do to make a triumphant first date is to remain calm, relaxed, and gentle. Take note of this, you can be more attractive if you’re well-mannered in front of her.


3. Don’t ever try to be late on your first date and more following dates. A gentleman never makes her date wait even for a short time. If you told her that you’ll see her on 6 in the evening, be there at least 10 minutes before or at the exact given time.

This clearly shows how much you can stick to your words, how clean your motives are, and how sincere you are to make everything falls right into place.


4. Stop bragging about your status in life because not all girls are easily blinded by luxury or money. Some are content enough to see sincerity, loyalty, honesty, and every good trait you can name and see in a man.

Instead, impress her with your care, gentleness, honesty, and wit. Just be true in front of her and surely, you can secure your spot for more following dates.


5. Don’t get out of the boundaries so soon. That means that you should hold yourself back from being too aggressive.


“As a gentleman, you must know to retain self-control no matter how much you want to kiss her or hug her. Your date must be very disappointed if you’ll not control yourself from doing such things on the first day”, says Navrajvir who offer internship in Indore in various fields.

Planning a first date is evidently not a piece of a cake to take. If you really like the woman, you have to invest time and effort until you can successfully win her heart for sure. This article greatly hopes to be able to extend its help effectively to the men who’ll be having their first date.

So, what are you waiting for? Ask your ideal girl to go on a date with you and win her heart by keeping in mind these DOs and DON’Ts during your first date.  And if you have some pieces of advice to share, feel free and extend us your thoughts and ideas.

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