Festive hacks: How to get your home in shape

We’re nearly there; it might have been a whirlwind of a year, but Christmas is almost upon us.

For many of us, this means adapting our homes somewhat. Some of us will turn to a Christmas tree, while others will turn to more inventive solutions that inject even more of the festivities into our home.

If you fall into the latter category, read on to find out how you can do this with a few easy hacks.

Make the most of throws, blankets and cushions

You might not be a soft furnishings kinda’ person, but this is Christmas. You probably don’t have the big budget to invest in new furniture, especially not just for a few weeks of the year. This is where you need to get creative, and these softer items can come to your rescue.

As we all know, greens and reds are the cliche colors of Christmas, and they do a great job of reminding us what time of year we are in. Invest in wintery shades of these and place them over your sofa, on your window seat or anything else that will gladly accept a temporary change in shade. Immediately, a room can be cast into a Christmas wonderland.

Can you go a step further with a window furnishing?

Following on from the first point, what about going a step further with your window furnishings? A lot of people have winter and summer versions of these, both for practicality and style reasons. After all, net curtains aren’t really going to keep the cool air out during winter, while they hardly epitomize the spirit either. Consider bulkier alternatives, which perhaps come in the stereotypical greens and reds we mentioned in the previous section.

Flowers add festive nature to your home

Next, we’re onto flowers. As we all know, this is a very seasonal topic and according to Avas Flowers, you should be looking towards the likes of the poinsettia, azalea and cymbidium orchids to name a few examples. These all provide a natural glimpse of Christmas, with these Avas Flowers examples highlighting the point in detail. Avas Flowers also recommend placing them in high-traffic areas, like the living room or hallway, which can just enhance the spirit of Christmas.

Don’t neglect the staircase

Finally, let’s talk about the staircase.

Quite often, this is ‘left out’ when it comes to decorating. After all, most of us use it to navigate between levels, and that’s the end of the matter.

The truth is, it takes up a huge amount of space on your ground floor. In most homes, it’s the hallway that receives the brunt of the staircase, meaning that a large proportion of it is left undecorated.

This is where you need to think outside of the box and start to include your staircase in the festivities. Sometimes, this might be by hanging stockings on it, while a slightly more extravagant idea is navigating a garland around the banister. You’ll notice a monumental difference to space, and an immediate injection of that warm, Christmas feeling.


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