Get Children into Cycling in 2022

Cycling is easy for children to learn at any age. It can help them keep healthy and active. In addition, it can teach them to make good habits, focus through cycling and maintain safety in traffic.

However, some parents are hesitant because of kids’ safety. The best option is to choose the right approach and guide kids through this exciting learning phase.

If you want to get your children into cycling, here are a few helpful strategies.

1.     Encourage your Child

To make cycling fun and develop healthy habits, you need to focus on essential aspects. First, you should make sure your child truly enjoys cycling. If the child has no passion for cycling, they may show little to no improvement. Your child must enjoy and have fun while cycling.

2.     Select Comfortable and Adjustable Bike

Getting your children into cycling is not an easy task that takes days. It’s like learning a new skill, and every kid has a different pace to learn. Also, you need to ensure they feel comfortable and safe. One of the best ways is to set some rules for them and cycle where they feel comfortable. In this way, they can easily overcome their fear.

Moreover, you need to make sure the bike is of the ideal size that fits your child’s feet perfectly and allow them to ride comfortably on the ground. One of the most suitable bikes is a balance bike 12 inches like the Strider bikes that are highly adjustable, simple to use for younger kids, functional to use, and flexible to ride with fast speed.

3.     Pick the Suitable Time

Another important factor to consider is that your children should be well-rested before cycling training. You need to pick the right time and allow them some time to rest to refuel them. Make sure they do not feel uncomfortable because it will affect their learning experience.

The best time is when your child has a high level of energy. In this way, you can develop their skills quickly and effectively. Also, you can decide the time as per your child’s schedule.

4.     Set Realistic Expectation

Most parents do not realize it, but when getting your children into cycling, you need to be gentle during the whole process of teaching your kids. Children need proper direction, guidance and encouragement, so you need to guide them in a way that encourages them to stay positive.

You can set realistic expectations for them to help them focus well. This will help them learn to set small milestones and achieve them.


Cycling is not something you can force your child to do, but they should have a real passion for it. When your child wants to learn cycling, you can get them into cycling through different strategies. The above ways will help to motivate your kids to learn cycling, stay fit, and have fun.

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