How to Choose the Perfect Sex Doll

As society continues to rapidly progress, the sex doll market has begun to thrive. The taboo around sexual health and devices is finally fading, but as sex dolls in Australia start to boom, the information around them cannot keep up. 

Purchasing one is no small investment, and one should consider all their options before investing in a sex doll. While appearance is crucial, other aspects of a sex doll, such as its material and feel, is just as important. 

Here’s a guide that can help one pick out the perfect sex doll for them. 


Different Types of Sex Dolls

When it comes to the types of sex dolls available in the market, there are three main categories – customised, semi-customised, and standard. 

The Standard type dolls have pre-determined features. They are relatively affordable and can still be very high quality. Most non-human-sized dolls are standard as they don’t have many customisable features. 

On the other hand, semi-customisable dolls offer choices between certain features such as hair colour and type, eye colour, breast sizes, and doll builds. Unlike customisable dolls, the manufacturer provides options to the consumer. Customisable dolls are entirely customisable and provide consumers with the chance to live out their ultimate fantasy. 

In such cases, manufacturers customise the sex doll according to a consumer’s pictures or ideas. However, these can prove to be a little more expensive and aren’t commonly available. 



The next crucial aspect of the doll to decide upon is its material. Generally, all sex toys are available in a range of different materials. The choice of material determines a doll’s price tag, maintenance, ease of usage, and even overall feel. 



Rubber sex dolls are some of the cheapest ones available in the market. They aren’t durable but remain the most affordable material. Rubber is porous, and this encourages bacterial growth. However, with proper cleaning and maintenance, one can still safely use the doll. On the other hand, one runs the risk of dealing with phthalates in cheap rubber which are known to cause itching and rashes. These are also linked to male and female fertility issues, making them a significant risk to public health. 



As the name states, these dolls are similar to fabric dolls that have cloth stuffing. The orifices are typically crafted from silicone and are easily removable. While the removable orifices are easy to clean and maintain, the doll doesn’t provide life-like companionship.



Thermoplastic Elastomer is a relatively better material for sex dolls. Although similar to silicone, TPE is softer and provides a better sensual experience than other materials. Additionally, it is more affordable than silicone. 

However, it is more porous and not nearly as heat-resistant and hypo-allergenic. While its porosity can make it susceptible to bacterial growth, thorough cleaning can keep it from becoming an issue. Overall, it is an affordable material that feels amazing!



This material is soft and bendy, providing the consumer with a relatively life-like experience. Over 60% of all sex dolls in Australia are silicone-based, and reasonably so. The material is hypo-allergenic and heat resistant, making it safe for rough use. It is durable, sturdy, and its non-porosity makes cleaning exponentially easier. By far, it remains the best material for sex dolls in the market. 


Functional Customisations

Some consumers can take customisations one step further to recreate experiences. While most dolls have anal, oral, and vaginal orifices, manufacturers can even customise experiences such as sloppy blowjobs or boob jobs. One should keep these expectations in mind while looking at a doll’s functionality. 


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