Types of Human Hair Extensions (Virgin Vs Remy Vs Non-Remy)
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Types of Human Hair Extensions (Virgin Vs Remy Vs Non-Remy)

Hair extensions are a hit among women of all ages.

Not just they add length and volume to the natural hair, but they can make one look more glamorous and pretty.

But out there in the souk, there are numerous manufacturers and suppliers of hair extensions, offering varieties of products to the customers.

As a result, it becomes extremely imperative to identify the various types of hair extensions available in the market.

As only then you can select most appropriate extension for yourself one that blends perfectly with your natural hair and gives a seamless and attractive appearance.

Buying low price hair extension may be a risk for your own hair.

Even if you are buying hair extensions from the top brands, it becomes essential to gain knowledge about the various types available.

So, let’s check the different sorts of hair extensions that your favorite brand might be offering!

Virgin Hair Extensions ‘Virgin hair extensions’ is definitely the Best hair extension.

If you are not gaining enough familiarity with these extensions, then let me tell you their common name.

Most commonly known as ‘human hair extensions,’ these one are prepared from 100% real human hair.

The best trait of these extensions is that they have never been treated by any chemical process.

Hence, they are of the highest quality available in the market Since these extensions are of premium quality, so they are little on the expensive side.

In most of the stances, these extensions are prepared from a single donor.

They are prepared from the hair of young women. Therefore, the hair is healthy, bouncy, thick, and available in single, smooth texture.

Usually, these extensions are collected from long, thick ponytails of unprocessed hair.

The virgin hair is already extremely healthy, and hence, they do not require any additional chemical treatment or machinery process.

The hair is free from chemical processes, implying that they are never colored, dyed, permed, bleached or treated with the vigorous chemical process.

Also, such hairs are split-ends free and have cuticles intact.

Virgin hair is reusable.

With proper care and maintenance, you can use the extensions for almost a year.

You just have to shampoo and deep condition them regularly and keep them safe in a clean and dry place.

So, every time you apply for the virgin hair extensions all you will have is smooth, tangle, free, thick, and natural-looking beautiful hair for a long time!

Remy Hair Extensions Available in best quality and most competitive prices, the Remy hair extensions are one of the most popular hair extensions in the market.

These are high-quality hair that lasts for a longer time period. The Remy’s hair stands for cuticles that are intact, all running in the same direction.

Since the hair moves in the same direction so they are free from any tangles and matting.

These are prepared from healthy hair collected from a single donor offering a full length of strands.

The efficient collection procedure guarantees that the cuticles are aligned and the end-result is pure Remy hair.

Remy hair can be prepared from Indian, Europe, and Asian hair.

Remy hair is of the highest quality and is obtained from a single donor.

As a result, the texture of the hair is smooth and is well-maintained.

Even it gives you a more natural style.

With Remy’s hair, the shedding and tangling of hair are completely alleviated.

They make combing hair easy and even you can comb your hair with your fingers.

It is because such hair is of high-quality and hence they are free from all sorts of problems, which you might encounter in low-quality extensions or with your dull and frizzy natural hair.

Non-Remy Hair Extensions If you don’t have enough money to spend and still desire to avail the qualities of a hair extension, then you can go for the Non-Remy hair extensions.

These hair extensions are prepared from hair collected from the floor of salons, temples and from random suppliers.

Since they are not from a single donor, so they have mixed cuticle directions resulting in tangling, matting, and shedding issues.

In order to enhance the quality of Non-Remy extensions and to reduce the problems associated with these extensions, the manufacturers and suppliers use harsh chemicals to treat these extensions.

Usually, such extensions are coated with a layer of silicone to make them appear shiny and smooth.

Initially, these extensions will feel soft and silky, but over time and after a couple of washes, they tend to lose their nature, and hence appear dry, frizzy and prone to tangling.

In some of the cases, even the hair may lose their natural color and appear gray.

The biggest drawback of Non-Remy hair extensions is that they cannot be reused.

You can use them only till a few washes. Also, the cuticles of such extensions are not intact.

As a result, they cannot withstand coloring, heat treatment, or different styling practices.

The Problem!

Which here extension is the best and how to identify the type at the time of purchase?

The Solution!

We understand your problem very well, and hence, bring you the best solution from the experts.

The best thing is to keep a strict check on the hair type at the time of purchase.

For this, you can even test the wigs for a wash or any styling.

If a wig passes such tests, then it will be of high-quality.

Also, it is always wise to buy Virgin or Remy extensions from most reputed brands.

Maybe you have to spend a little more, but then you will be provided with the best quality only.

So, ladies!

Keep a strict check of the various types of hair extensions(with different textures like Body weave hair, curly hair, straight hair, Loose weave, Deep weave and wavy hair) available in the market and buy one that best meets your requirements and your budget.

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