Part Two: Setting Up the Date
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Part Two: Setting Up the Date

Prepping for a date can still be confusing even after you’ve mastered the predate warm-ups. But there’s no reason for you to worry. In this article, we bring you everything you need to know to set up a date like a pro.


Follow these four rules before approaching someone:

Follow these four rules before approaching someone

1. Be Sincere

Simply put, give genuine compliments rather being a kiss*ss.


2. Be Honest

If you can’t cook, say that in a humorous or an engaging way that you can’t cook even if your life depended on it. Don’t try to become someone you’re not just to impress someone. Don’t pretend to love hiking when your definition of adventure is playing PSP, or say you love Indian food when you can’t handle spicy food.

On the other hand, telling the truth doesn’t mean baring your soul and dumping all your emotional baggage on the very first date.


3. Be Friendly

When you’re friendly, your attitude completely changes. You’re suddenly smiling more, open to new ideas and in general, more fun to be with.


4. Be Positive

We don’t mean quoting meaningless quotes here, just be upbeat and pleasant.


Pick-up Lines

Don’t even THINK of using lines such as these unless of course, you want your date to run for their life:

“Come here often?”

“What’s your sun sign?”

“I must’ve died and gone to heaven because where else would I see an angle like you?”

“If I tell you that you have a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?”


So rather than practising a pick-up line, follow these two guidelines:

Focus on the situation and your feelings. “I couldn’t help myself; I had to come over and tell you your smile was keeping me from concentrating,” sounds so much better.

Also, if a line sounds like a title to a country song, don’t use it.


A Word on Compliments

Men like to be complimented on their:



Attractive colour, nice cut, healthy locks, wavy, shiny, thick, etc. and not early greying, receding hairlines, dandruff, or bald spots.



Everyone loves to hear a thing or two about their eyes. Try adjectives like warm and expressive.



If he’s got a neck like Zack Efron, tell him. If he’s got a neck like a chicken, drop it.



Tie – cut, colour, style if he’s someone like Christian Grey (but don’t say that you want him to tie you to his bedpost – not at least until the third date). Socks – some men take their socks very seriously and extra care while making a purchase.



Tell your date he has an alluring, handsome, and a charming smile.


Women like to be praised for more or less the same things:



Women spend a large amount of time taking care of your hair and they (absolutely) don’t like their efforts go unnoticed. But don’t touch without seeking permission, and never tell them their “new hair colour looks amazing.”



Women love to hear they have good dress sense. So if you genuinely like your date’s dress then don’t hold yourself back.



Complementing a woman is trickier unless it’s slender and long.



Every woman wants to hear that they’ve got sweet, engaging and warm.


Asking For a Date

Asking For a Date


Let’s face it, asking someone out on a first date is scary. Just remember that you are not looking for a miraculous cure to cancer, you won’t die if your date agrees and life will continue to no matter what, it may help you to ask.


Asking Out Do’s and Dont’s

  • Never ask for a first date for a Friday or a Saturday night. Start off with a Wednesday or Thursday instead.


  • Never say, “would you like to go out sometime?” Instead, be specific.


  • Always offer options about the date. If your potential date doesn’t like a suggested activity but does like you, modify your plan.


  • Remember that timing is everything. A basic rule is to ask for a first date a week to ten days in advance.


Planning a Date

The first date can be equally daunting for your date as it is for you. Make sure you follow these ten basic rules to make your first date is a hit:

  1. Pick an activity both of you enjoy.
  2. Make sure both of you can afford it.
  3. Do something that doesn’t require additional expenditure (like buying new clothes, buying supplies, etc.)
  4. Go where you can talk comfortably.
  5. Go to a place that’s nearby and easily accessible.
  6. Do something that isn’t competitive.
  7. Pick an activity that doesn’t involve drinking (a lot of alcohol).
  8. Plan an activity that leaves some time to get to know each other.
  9. Do something that doesn’t involve others.
  10. Find an activity that lasts only for about two-three hours.


Good Places for a First Date

Good Places for a First Date


At a museum, you get to meander through the halls, look at exhibits, and chat about anything that inspires you. It’s a great place to get to know each other and to see each other’s tastes in art – or whatever. Overall, a museum is relaxed, easy and inexpensive.


Amusement Parks

Unless it’s really hard to get to, going to an amusement park is usually fun and makes everybody feel young and carefree. The only real problems? Sticky fingers from cotton candy and rides that make you so queasy you’d give up your firstborn for an antacid tablet, but all in all, a good choice.



You can take a walk (almost) anywhere: parks, zoos, botanical gardens, and so on. It’s cheap, fun, and pressure free. Plus, it gives you a perfect excuse to hold hands.


Outdoor Activities in General

Sporting events, concerts, and picnics are great places for first dates. You can talk, and being outside, everything feels less claustrophobic.

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Places to Avoid


New Year’s Eve parties

Valentine’s day

Festivals and occasions.


All set? Hop on to part three: the date.

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