SextPanther is Changing the Virtual Sex and Dating Landscape

Even amid a deadly pandemic that has ravaged the world for more than a year, it hasn’t stopped people from trying to meet someone– or simply have some risqué fun with another person from the safety and comfort of home. Dating apps like Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder have experienced explosive growth in the years leading up to COVID-19, and continue to cling to an upward trajectory in a $3 billion market in spite of a public health crisis accompanied by slow vaccine distribution.

However, not all users are looking for casual dates or a serious relationship. With more interpersonal relationships and sexual and romantic interactions taking place online today, it can be difficult to determine a user’s intent for downloading the app. Users, particularly female users, often feel distressed and harassed by users who send them unwanted propositions and sexual content when they don’t know them as people.

SextPanther has entered the industry by providing users with a designated safe place for adults to engage in these types of sexually-charged exchanges.

Sexting Has Become a Mainstay of 21st Century Courtship

A far cry from the “wanna cyber” messages sent on AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ in the 1990s and early 2000s, sexting has become a regular occurrence in casual and serious dating. While there has been concern about the commonality of sexting among minors with 1 in 4 teenagers claiming to have sent or received a sext, roughly 21% of adults between the ages of 21-75 report sending sexts as 28% receive them.

Couples who live apart have been relying on some form of sexting or video sex to get through the pandemic, but it was a common practice well before COVID-19. But even though sexting has become a common part of all types of relationships, it doesn’t necessarily mean sexting is someone’s strong suit. They may not be very verbose or prose-inclined, and wish to practice with a willing partner but do not want to commit infidelity or search high and low for one. SextPanther provides both a platform dedicated to sexting and a space for adult content creators who especially focus on sexting or give it a try, so the user can decide if they want to focus on improving their sexting skills or simply fulfill a fantasy within or exclusive of a romantic relationship context.

While sexting is common on dating apps, it may not be welcomed by the user who is being propositioned whether it takes place on or off the app. A platform that is specially designed for sexting not only gives users a safe outlet for exploring fantasies, but it also provides a new revenue stream for adult content creators.

The Surge of Virtual Sex Work and COVID-19

Online dating is not the only aspect of life that has changed pursuant to the pandemic. More people, namely women, are turning to online sex work in light of job losses, unsafe face-to-face jobs, and backlogged unemployment claims. While professional adult entertainers and some of the COVID-minted newcomers find this line of work liberating and empowering, some are only doing so out of survival. Both types of virtual sex workers need a safe place to host content and accept payments.

Online sex workers frequently face de-platforming on “civilian” apps like Twitter, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. Payment processors are also notoriously inhospitable to sex workers, especially in a post-FOSTA-SESTA landscape. Even if adult content creators never work with clients and fans in person, it is a risk that every adult content creator faces. In response, the adult content industry has created platforms dedicated to online sex work such as NiteFlirt for phone sex and OnlyFans for video and streaming content plus images. The content creators get dedicated hosting as well as payment processing and tax reporting that does not discriminate against them.

Both survival sex workers and professional adult content creators need relative anonymity, which is difficult to attain when one’s images are available on the Internet. Since SextPanther’s focal point is on sexting, opposed to purchasing image and video-based content, it offers more safe ways for content creators to earn a living at home, and reduce the risk of being out in their civilian lives. For additional privacy, SextPanther allows content creators to choose any area code they want when listing their phone numbers. An app is not required to be downloaded for either models or clients.

With a name-your-own-price model and $5 in free credits available to first-time signups, SextPanther enables content creators to set a price per image or sext, plus per minute if the client wants to set up a phone or video call. Contact can be as anonymous as the content creator desires and offers plenty of lucrative and creative opportunities that other adult platforms do not offer. SextPanther may be an excellent alternative to OnlyFans for adult content creators who are more linguistically-inclined and do not want to appear on-screen.

Payouts are initiated twice a month with a $20 minimum. Commissions are 55-65% for sexts, pictures, and videos, 72-82.5% for phone calls, and 80-88% for tips.

With 4 million active users, 90% of which skew male, SextPanther is quickly growing. As the site’s name implies, the site aims to provide a niche outlet for the verbally-inclined who prefer written erotica to video and streaming content but still desire real-time exchanges. SextPanther does offer options for content creators to arrange video calls and send images, but its primary wheelhouse is sexting similarly to how NiteFlirt is known for live phone sex and purchasing erotic audio files.

Whether a woman uses SextPanther in a professional context, or perhaps as a way to safely explore fantasies without signing up for a sex-centric dating app like FetLife, the emphasis on words over imagery without losing that real-time human touch can very well cement the company’s status as the adult version of Talkspace.


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