Signs That Prove You’re Dating a Sex Addict
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Signs That Prove You’re Dating a Sex Addict

You’re dating someone and everything’s changed. From rainbows and sunshine, it’s come down to suspicion and lies. Wondering if you’re just going through a rough patch or really dating a sex addict? Find out now.


You could be dating someone for a year (maybe two) and still not know everything about them. While it’s okay not to know their favourite colour, it’s not okay to know secrets revolving around their sex life.


We bring you eleven sure shot signs that prove you are dating a sex addict:

  1. Gut Feeling

You’re not crazy or stupid. Don’t ignore it if you have a strong gut feeling that there’s something wrong. Trying to persuade yourself that everything’s perfect isn’t right. Recognize the signs and confront your partner.

Your hunch could probably be right but don’t throw a fit and expect them to come clean. Instead, sit down and try talking to your partner without accusing him/her. Show them that you really care and you want to work things out rather than playing the blame game.


  1. They Push You Outside Your Sexual Comfort Zone

Sure, the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy gave us some serious kinky goals. But, don’t get pushed out of your sexual comfort zone – emotionally or physically by your partner. A sex addict generally has sexual interests that slowly become all-encompassing.


  1. They’re Always Suspicious

You’ve done nothing wrong but they will treat you like you cannot be trusted. They’re always suspicious about something or the other because they feel like them, you’re hiding something too.


  1. Manipulation

If you find out they did something wrong, they will find a way to look innocent to a point where they will question your sanity or integrity for suspecting them in the first place.

The mind of a sex addict works like an animal cornered in a trap. They will do whatever it takes to avoid admitting that they are indeed a sex addict and need help.


  1. They’re Always Flirting

Your partner is always chatting up with the pretty sales girl at the stores. Or exchanging numbers with ladies at the bar. Or sending birthday greetings to their ex’s. They might just be sending funny texts to your friends but never cross the line.


Basically, they flirt with everyone who comes along their way. For some individuals, this might seem normal, sometimes even healthy. But in case of a sex addict, it’s a way of grooming a potential partner.


  1. Dominate You in Bed

They’re so good in bed that even your neighbours know it. But, they always need to be in charge – all the time. Feel like you’re being controlled and led around? It’s time to talk to them.

Because things quickly escalate to a point where they will no longer care if you’re turned on or not. Whether you’re enjoying the same things as them or not.


  1. Serious Relationships? What’s that?

It’s a big red flag if they’ve had no serious relationships in the past. It’s normal to have this when you’re in your 20s, but not so much after that. Be cautious if you’re the first one they say they’re in a serious relationship with.


  1. Their Phone/Laptop is Always with Them


You’ll never see a sex addict leave his phone/laptop/PC without a password. And NEVER out of their sight. They instantly get nervous when they let you use their devices.


Do they minimize the screen if you’re around? Do they log out of their social media if they have to go away, even for a couple of minutes?

They could either just be hiding their affair or their sex addiction.


  1. They Always Masturbate

You’ve just had crazy-hot sex that made your head spin. You feel super close to your partner and fall asleep with a huge smile on your face. You get up an hour later and see them masturbating in bed.

It isn’t about you but your self-esteem. If your partner compulsively masturbates, it’s because they cannot stop and have a problem that needs immediate attention.


  1. Love The Way You Lie

If you’re with an active sex addict, chances are, they’re going to (or already) lie to you. The lies are never-ending. They’re never there where they say they are. Never hang out with the people they said they were going to.

These lies might seem small and not even having anything to do with sex. But, constantly lying is itself a sure shot warning sign.

  1. They Fool You

This may sound confusing: people cheat but a sex addict cannot stop cheating. They could be involved in two or three relationships – all at once outside of their primary relationship.

If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, confront them. That’s the only way to put an end to it.

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