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Spring Wedding Trends: Trends that are in or out

While peak wedding season is usually considered to run from late spring to early fall (October has recently unseated June as the most popular wedding month in the US), couples tie the knot all year round. That’s because the starting point for happily ever after isn’t a set date but a certain person. Matrimonial bustle takes a break from the way a bride gets time to herself on her special day. But spring is a bit like that invaluable maid of honor that helps the bride adjust her train, drink some water and generally reset before the next big moment. So even though wedding trends can run together in a blur of alabaster and ivory, spring is the best time to take stock of what new trends are budding and what ornamental shrubs didn’t survive the winter. 

Intentional Nature: In

Backyard weddings have firmly taken root, but increasingly they are a matter of deliberate choice rather than last-minute necessity. Couples are looking for subtlety and sustainability.

Floral designs continue to twine their way into wedding attire and decor but in a less extravagant, more thoughtful manner. So less flowery tiaras just because, and more buds embroidered into the veil or themes built out from a pear shaped engagement ring. Brides aren’t raiding an aunt’s garden for a bouquet toss because they might not be having a bouquet toss. Instead, wedding guests might be taking plantable or recycled wedding materials home with them. 

Tiny Weddings: Out

Despite what you’ve seen on social media, not everyone has decided to wedge throw pillows and a shower stall into a van and call it a home. Similarly, not everyone is cut out for a tiny wedding. Big weddings are about to bloom with a vengeance as couples who are married in private ceremonies collect a long-delayed blowout.

Weekday Weddings: In

Just as couples were forced to adjust the size and location of their weddings over the last couple of years, they were also forced to get creative with the timing. However, it’s not looking likely that the weekend is going to be able to get back its monopoly on wedding events, especially so long as there is that flexible remote workforce. Expect even more invitations to weekday weddings.

Wedding Clutter and Waste: Out

With all the weddings that people are going to right now, they want to cut down on all the stuff. So think virtual invitations. Think lighter favor bags and a deflating balloon arch market. Again, this fits into the renewed emphasis on sustainability. Wedding registries are culling physical items and overflowing with experiences. 

Pearls: In

The balloon bubble may have burst and the bouquet toss might have been cast aside, but that doesn’t mean that orbs and ornamentation are done for. Maybe it’s all the Bridgerton bodices that are in vogue; Regencycore needs embellishment. And that’s where Pearlcore comes in. Pearls are being looped and embroidered with a wild abandon somewhat at odds with their preppy reputation. Try incorporating the wedding trends into your wedding jewellery along with other aspects of your wedding day look. 

Gray and Yellow Dominance: Out

Pantone’s 2021 banner colors were Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Maybe it was all the zoom meetings, but from attire to decor, last year’s weddings loved the drama of grays paired with tangerine or marigold. Those colors are still in play, but they are no longer the pre-eminent combination.

Faded Greens and Popping Purples: In

Greens always have a place in spring, but this year the greens, like so many other touches, are a bit more subtle. Sage to seafoam is the preferred range, with the occasional olive thrown in to keep the peace. The blush of dusky rose and terra cotta continues from the previous year, but when Peri Purple is the hue of the moment, it should come as no surprise purple is the go-to choice for a vibrant accent or striking jewel tone, 

Dance Floor as the Only Attraction: Out

Dancing isn’t done. It’s still the lifeblood of the reception. The Chicken Dance will never die and bridal sneakers are sneaking onto the scene in record numbers. But the dancefloor itself isn’t the only sphere of activity, which is why monogrammed floors are on the wane. Couples are looking to get their attendees involved in different ways, from hiring unique entertainers to putting guests’ pandemic-honed board game skills to use.

Well-lit Entrance and Exit: In

Twinkly-lit ceilings aren’t going to be the default for guests to navigate the reception. Big display walls are increasingly popular. They might incorporate natural elements like a wooden arch and tree stumps. Or they might have big lights of their own. Neon signs are humming on across the country. Either way, even with more people at the wedding, there’s going to be no trouble finding the place where you go to find yourself. And the exit is going to be well lit as well. Far from fizzling out, sparkler tunnels are settling into an expected tradition.

There you have it. Clearly marked exits without goody bags. Sustainable materials and alternate activities. Larger weddings on a weekday. Pearl and floral embroidery in a sea of sage and peri purple. Welcome to the Spring of 2022.


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