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Tips on How to Cope with Your Partner Working Away 

It’s never an ideal situation when your partner has to work away a lot. That distance can sometimes lead to friction in the relationship and even result in feelings of loneliness. There’s no easy way around it. You’re with your partner because you love them, so having elongated periods in your life when you’re not together is always going to be tough. This article will discuss how to process those feelings a bit better. 

Are More People Working Away? 

2020, with its confusion and frustration, also continues to act as a contradiction. It was a year that had never seen more people work so close to home and so far away from home simultaneously. While a lot of individuals who worked in office jobs found themselves housebound, a lot of other workers, such as delivery drivers, found themselves out of the house more than ever delivering truck loads of goods thanks to the uptake in online shopping

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Coping With Partners Being Away 

There are multiple ways that you can cope with your partner being away for work. These include: 

Don’t Resent Them

It is very easy to begin to feel some kind of resentment for your partner because it seems as though they are putting their job before you, but this is not the case. Everything they do in their career is to help provide for you and build a future. Getting mad at them for having to work away isn’t going to help anything because it is a fundamental part of their job. 

Stay in Touch 

Thanks to how far video calling technology has come, it is now very easy to be close to your partner even when they are far away. No, this doesn’t mean you have to be on each other’s back constantly; however, it’s nice to stay in touch through nightly texts and phone calls when they are away. On these calls, you can talk about each other’s days, let them know you are missing them, and tell them how excited you are to see one another. There’s nothing worse than being away from your partner and getting the feeling they aren’t missing you. 

Learn to Enjoy Your Own Company 

Relationships should not be co-dependent, which means that even if your partner is away, you shouldn’t be stuck for things to do. You should learn to enjoy your own company and do things that you enjoy but don’t get the chance to do as much when your partner is gone. There are plenty of activities available to you that will allow you to have fun even while your partner is working away. Maybe watch some movies that they wouldn’t normally enjoy or take yourself out somewhere. 


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