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Tips on How to Handle Casual Relationship 

Casual relationships, hookups, friends with benefits: you don’t have to be committed to one name like one person in the relationship. Imagine casual clothes – functionality without the effort. Casual relationships are like that too. If you’re not interested in going for a long-term relationship, for whatever reason, yet would like to fulfill your needs, the casual relationship is the one for you. 

Casual relationships are clearly on the rise. With people more inclined to focus on work, career, or self-development, a casual relationship becomes an obvious choice for many reasons. It is better to live in a casual relationship rather than committed-ones due to religious pressure, fear of being alone or societal expectations. 

In a casual relationship, you don’t have to put in serious commitments or efforts into the relationship, and you can focus on yourself. It can be tricky, however, to navigate casual relationships. One partner may develop feelings for the others, there may be problems related to communication, or it may hurt like an actual breakup after you go your own way. Here are some tips to ensure that you and your casual partner are both on the same page, and you can get the most of them, as well as the relationship. 

Never say that you love him/her

Seems kind of obvious, right? You may be afraid of love or falling in love or the idea of being in love that may have led you to opt for a casual relationship. Stay away from the word too. Don’t use it even platonically, or you may not end up being on the same page. It often takes the relationship to a more serious level, and that’s definitely what a casual relationship is not about. 

Be honest with your feelings

Identify your feelings from time to time and be honest with yourself. If at any time you feel like your feelings are changing for the person, be open, and communicate them. If you think it is not working out, let them know. By being honest and open with your feelings and emotions you’ll be able to sort out any issues at the same moment and not build up any anger or resentment towards the other person. 

Save yourself from the trapped

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One thing you need to be sure of is to not let yourself get trapped in the relationship. If you need to get out of it, you should be able to. The partner may resort to emotional manipulation in case they start getting serious about you, but being open and honest from the start will help you. Don’t lead them on false promises that you don’t expect to fulfill, only to get guilty later.

Don’t try to control your partner

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Accept the fact that you are in a casual relationship, not a committed one. Set boundaries as to the benefits you intend, whether sexual, physical, or emotional, and stay in that. Don’t try to interfere with the personal life of your partner where they don’t want you to. 

Don’t get confused

You may start to feel infatuated with your partner and confuse it for love. If you feel like that, then take time to understand that feeling, and don’t be confused. Take a break from your partner and assess how you feel staying away from them. Before saying anything, take your time, don’t be in a hurry, and make an informed decision.

Don’t build a personal bond

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Keep your mind clear from the first day of your casual relationship that you are with each other for some moment or for enjoying. Focus on enjoying each other’s company, and don’t think a lot about its future. Don’t develop a personal bond, or you might end up hurting when the relationship ends. 

Really, that’s the most of it. Just set some general ground rules, be mature, and be human. If you have to be strict, then what’s the point of being casual? 


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