Which Tinder Type Are You?
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Which Tinder Type Are You?

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1. Okay, your bio is complete. It says:

A. ‘Just a girl who loves, brunch, puppies and wine!’
B. ‘I’d date me’ and an upside-down smiley face.
C. A dirty joke and your Snapchat username.


2. It’s a match! What’s your next move?

A. Stare at your phone until a message pops up.
B. Spend an hour lurking his profile. Need to perfect the icebreaker.
C. Send him your phone number. It’s a better use of your time!


3. Damn, looks like you’ve been ghosted. You:

A. Immediately delete every single dating app and adopt a cat.
B. Vent via group chat, watch a rom-com, resume swiping.
C. Didn’t notice. You still have hundreds of notifications to browse.


4. Your most frequently used emoji in the dating app is:

A. Smiley face.
B. Winky face.
C. The eggplant one.


5. What’s the biggest red flag?

A. An incompatible zodiac sign. My chart clearly warns against Scorpios.
B. Too many selfies. We get it, you have heartthrob’s hair.
C. One inspirational quote and you’re out.


6. You found your soulmate on Tinder. When people ask how you met, you:

A. Change the subject so fast, even Kris Jenner would be impressed.
B. Sarcastically say, ‘We matched on lifepartner.in.’
C. Start by showing everyone how many matches you’re still getting.


Mostly As: Die-hard Romantic

If you were a Sex and The City character, you’d be Charlotte: wide-eyed, romantic, in search of The One.

Your positive attitude is impressive, but remember that most fairytales happen on Netflix these days.

Whether or not you find your happily-ever-after, make sure the rest of your life is as full as possible.


Mostly Bs: Mild Matcher

You’re of the mindset that whatever happens, happens. If a few flirty messages lead to meeting up for drinks, you’re down, but, if not, you’re also happy sitting at home bingeing Amazon Prime.

It may be off-brand, for you to care about dating apps, but don’t be afraid to add more photos and personality to your profile. Who knows what could happen?


Mostly Cs: Savage Suitor

You’re a full-fledged Tinder fiend. You’re not looking for love, exactly, but each Super Like you receive gives you wings.

Before your app turns into an addiction, try looking up from your phone once in a while to see who — and what — is right in front of you.

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